GLO-TOOB , High performance signal and diving Light



Whether you're scuba diving, running, canoeing, cycling, snowboarding, sky diving, hang gliding, or just about any sporting activity, you willl need the GLO-TOOB as an essential part of your kit.It's absolutely essential that you are visible when you are exercising or playing at your favorite sport, in the early hours of the morning, or late in the afternoon and at night.The GLO-TOOB is the perfect tool to ensure your safety, and with its near indestructible construction it will handle just about any punishment you put it through.



When you're stuck on the side of the road, or hard at work, the GLO-TOOB is the vital tool that will make you visible. With its high impact resistance, it can be dropped, stood on, or even driven over, and will still be there for you when you need it the most… Any situation, safety or otherwise, that requires you to 'BE SEEN', you will needthe GLO-TOOB as your personal identifier… Therefore you won't be seen without it!


Just like for all your sporting applications, the outdoor uses for the GLO-TOOB are unlimited. Hiking, rock climbing, caving, kayaking, camping, and just about all other outdoor activities, where a sturdy, waterproof, tough light is needed, that lasts for hours and hours. Its cold light source has no chance of starting fires accidentally in our precious wilderness!! Use it as a tent light, for reading maps and a GPS. GLO-TOOB's multipurpose nature makes it indispensable for all outdoor use.

Military/Law enforcement

The GLO-TOOB's applications in the military / law enforcement industries are extensive. Of particular use is the GLO-TOOB IR (Infra-red) – You won't find a smaller, tougher IR beacon on the market.GLO-TOOBS are being used by numerous military / law enforcements outfits around the world, with uses ranging from marking personnel to avoiding friendly fire, illuminating cache drops done at night, training exercises, marking targets, illuminating targets for sharp shooters and so on…..Since 2002, when the Infra Red Fx model was added to our range, we have been supplying military / law enforcement with GLO-TOOBS, not only the GLO-TOOB IR, but colored units as well. Many divisions within the military utilize the GLO-TOOB, including ground troops, special ops forces, SWAT. With the eminent release of the lithium model, the GLO-TOOB is set to take the armed forces of the world by storm! The police, Search and Rescue, and fire department all utilize the GLO-TOOB in their everyday routines and procedures, and today many departments consider it 'mandatory' kit for their staff.