GLO-TOOB , High performance signal and diving Light


Which lithium battery will it use?

The Lithium GLO-TOOB will use the CR123 3volt lithium ion battery.

Can it use rechargeable lithium batteries?

Yes, the Lithium GLO-TOOB can use both standard CR123 3volt battery cells, as well as  the rechargeable CR123 batteries, which come in 3volt, 3.3volt, and 3.6volt versions.

Does it come with a rechargeable battery?

No, the Lithium GLO-TOOB is supplied with the standard, single use, CR123 3volt battery.

Will the Lithium GLO-TOOB be the same size as the standard and FX GLO-TOOBS?

No, the Lithium GLO-TOOB is bigger. This is due to the increased size of the new lithium power source. However, this has numerous advantages… such as: bigger, better, brighter, and stronger, and it lasts longer too!

Will the Lithium unit have different modes, and what are they going to be?

Yes, theLithium GLO-TOOB will have different modes. What the exact modes are going to be is a secret! They will only be known to the public when it is launched! We can tell you that there will be a standard flash mode, and a constantly on mode, and maybe one or two others...

Will the Lithium unit have a twist switch like the standard units?

No, the Lithium GLO-TOOB will have high–spec, tactile, push button as standard equipment with every Lithium Glo-toob. This button is counter-sunk, and water resistant. There will also be a few ‘accessory’ caps available shortly after the release of the Lithium GLO-TOOB. 

When is the Lithium GLO-TOOB going to be available? It has been delayed a few times now?

The Lithium GLO-TOOB's launch has been pushed back to insure that we bring you only the finest quality product. Its official launch will be at the Shot Show in Orlando, USA, at the beginning of February 2007.