GLO-TOOB , High performance signal and diving Light

What light source do the GLO-TOOB’s use?

What light source do the GLO-TOOB’s use?

The GLO-TOOB uses Light Emitting Diodes, or LED’s, as they are more commonly known. 

The LED is a far more efficient light source than bulb technology. It has many, many more 

hours of operation compared to a bulb – typically 100,000 hours of run-time compared to 

a few thousand hours for a bulb. It is a solid molded light source, and therefore does not fail 

due to shock i.e. it will not break when it is dropped, whilst a bulb usually does. It is a cold 

light source, while a bulb can become so hot, it can burn a surface it comes into contact with. 

Although it may not offer as much intensity sometimes as a bulb, it drains far less power from 

the power source – battery for example, and therefore usually runs longer on the same power 

source as a bulb would.