GLO-TOOB , High performance signal and diving Light

How deep can the GLO-TOOB go?

How deep can the GLO-TOOB go?

The GLO-TOOB is rated to extreme depths. We have tested the unit many times hydrostatically to 2.2 miles or 3500m (3.5km) below sea level, 

with positive results every time. However, please note that this is done under optimal conditions, i.e. the SCUBA cap was used, which is a solid state 

cap, and has no moving parts, which adds to the integrity of the unit, and the seals were all checked and cleaned with high quality silicone grease 

used to help seal the ‘O-ring’. 

We have had an unofficial military marine testing agency, test the GLO-TOOB to below 10 miles or 16000m (16km) without a failure! This was of 

course done in a hydrostatic pressure test chamber, as there is no place on Earth that deep!

We rate each unit to below 300 feet only though, as this is a realistic depth rating according to ‘normal’ usage of this product. Please be aware 

though, that the warranty only covers the GLO-TOOB if It has been used correctly, and all service, seal, and use conditions have been met. We 

put every failed unit on the test bench to determine the cause of failure, and based on the result, we will either replace the unit free on charge, or 

inform the customer that failure was due to improper use and/or inadequate sealing.