GLO-TOOB , High performance signal and diving Light


Specs Description Designer

• Shape: Cylindrical

• Viewing Angle: 360°

• Light Source: 850 nm IR LED

• Body Material: Polyester Resin and Aviation Aluminum

• Battery: 1 * AAA

• Run Time: 5.5 to 27 hours

• Dimensions:77 mm (Length) x 19 mm (Diameter)

• Weight: 26.5 g/ 0.93 oz (without battery)

• Working Temperature: -20℃ to +55℃

• Water Resistance:IPX-8(200 m)

GT-AAA IR is a portable IR LED signal light designed for tactical,  emergency, and other military operations.  With the 850nm IR LED, the GT-AAA IR emits a distinct infrared image with the aid of night vision devices and provides three different modes from high, low to strobe. Applying the exquisite molding process of sealing glue, its body performs an excellent waterproof  effect of up to 200 meters in depth and allows an all-round viewing of 360° illumination. The only press button onthe top can be easily found and activated. Equipped with the GTK, GT-AAA IR can be widely attached to OPS-CORE ARC helmets, 1" webbing (such as MOLLE/PALs webbing) and any Velcro loop surfaces, making it a durable and useful tool for signaling tasks during tactical, military, search and rescue use.

David Kessel grew up in South Africa, where there are various kinds of outdoors activities, and since his early years he was a passionate outdoor enthusiast, and he tried out lots of outdoor activities in turn, including motorized gliders, rock climbing, spelunking, archery, shooting, motor cycle racing, white water rafting, snowboarding and more. In 1994, David was keen on scuba diving and turned his efforts towards scuba diving instruction for a few years. After that, he had his own scuba diving school for as long as 14 years, and spent much time exploring the underwater world. With so many years of experience working in the water, David invented a tactical signal light. "In the past, we used chemical fluorescent rods to ensure safe diving at night. But unfortunately, they are not bright enough, not enough to meet the real application. What’s more serious is the problem of environmental protection. Chemical fluorescent rods leak chemical substances into the water, seriously polluting the sea water. We often spot lots of used plastic chemical fluorescent sticks. I really hate them because they cannot be used over and over and cause environmental damage." So David designed the Glo-toob.